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During the past century, Hijab Woman Dating Site general wave of reconceptualising the equality between women and men During the past century, the general wave of reconceptualising the equality between women and men Hijab Woman Dating Site countered in the Islamic space through the diverse reinterpretations of the sacred texts in order to propose alternative Islamic solutions to the traditional patriarchy.

The first part of Hijab Woman Dating Site article will be dedicated to a succinct presentation of the family code reformation that was generated by the formation of the modern states in the Middle East.

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The negotiation between these feminist groups and the local authorities responsible for the policy and law-making process is rarely a successful one. The new Hijab Woman Dating Site Civil Code proposed some of the most advanced family laws in the Middle East, classical legal prescriptions being reinterpreted from the current modern conditions perspective.

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The complex dynamic that generated some specific legal reforms that are beneficial to Muslim women were the result of the theoretical negotiations that involved not only the classical interpretations of Islamic law, the Islamic reformist contemporary theses, but also the recourse to knowledge based on modern sciences, especially on medicine.

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