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Local elections will go ahead on May 6,after being postponed last year. Voters and staff at polling stations are expected to follow the same rules that the general public has been following when visiting indoor spaces. They include wearing a face covering unless exempt and maintain social distancing.

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Hand sanitiser will be available at polling stations and distance markings and protective barriers will be used where needed. The Government has introduced measures to make in-person voting safe. Voters are also encouraged to avoid peak times — between 7.

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People are going to be away from home or unable to make it to a polling station because of work can apply for a proxy vote — the deadline to apply is 5pm on Tuesday, April Dating Woman Al Houceima voting is also an option, but people must register in advance to get their polling card ahead of the election. Voters will be encouraged to bring their own pens or pencils to mark their ballot papers if possible.

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However, those who cannot do so will have access to regularly sanitised or single use pencils.

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