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Blood and blood clotting products were requested and Mrs Pintilie was given two units of O negative universal blood, and six units of blood matched to her. None of the clotting products were administered. Gabriela Pintilie gave birth to her daughter Stefania in February last year Image: Osbornes Law Dr Griffiths said: "Key people in theatre did Bled Dating Site.

know blood products were available. He said: "Appropriate blood products Bled Dating Site. provided, but due to confusion [ He said: "There were delays in instigating the induction because of work load issues in the unit.

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Lonel and Gabriela Pintilie Image: PA Midwife, Grace Ladbrook, who looked after Mrs Pentilie after she was admitted on Bled Dating Site. 25, said she apologised for delays in her care on the "extremely busy" day.

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She said: "I don't Bled Dating Site. there being any spare rooms, theatre was open all day.

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The midwife added: "When I left that evening she was sympathetic to the delay. In the same month, a coroner found the hospital's "neglect" contributed to the death of baby boy Ennis Pecaku, who died hours after his breech birth in Latest Essex News.

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