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Reign[ edit ] Wallachia under Mircea cel Bătrân, c. Found in a volatile region of the world, this principality's borders constantly shifted, but during Mircea's rule, Wallachia controlled the largest area in its history: from the Southern Carpathians in the north to the Danube in the south, and from today's Iron Gates on the Danube in the west to the Black Sea in the east.

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He gave the merchants of Poland and Lithuania trade privileges and renewed those his predecessors had given to the people of Braşov. As a result, Mircea was able to afford increasing his military power.

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He fortified the Danube citadels and strengthened "the great army" made up of townspeople and of free and dependent peasants. He also proved to be a great supporter for the Eastern Orthodox Church.

InBayezid I also known as "Yıldırım Beyazıt", "the Thunderbolt" crossed the Danube river, leading 40, men, an impressive force at the time. Mircea had only about 10, men so he could not survive an open fight.

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He chose to fight what would now be called a guerrilla warby starving the opposing army and using small, localized attacks and retreats a typical form of asymmetric warfare. On October 10,the two armies finally clashed at the Battle of Rovinewhich featured a forested and swampy terrain, thus preventing the Ottomans from properly spreading their army; Mircea finally won the fierce battle and threw the Ottomans out of the country.

The crusade ended with the Ottoman victory at the Battle of Nicopolis on September In Mircea was thus able to impose his rule on Dobruja again.

Moreover, Mircea took part in the struggles for the throne of the Ottoman Empire and enabled Musa to ascend that throne for Face? i cuno?

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brief reign. It was at this time that the prince reached the height of his power.

Abel era păstor, iar Cain — plugar. Domnul a privit cu plăcere spre Abel şi jertfa lui, 5 însă spre Cain şi jertfa lui nu a privit cu plăcere. Cain s-a mâniat foarte tare şi i s-a posomorât faţa. Dar dacă nu faci ce este bine, păcatul pândeşte la uşă, dorinţa lui este să te domine, dar tu trebuie să-l stăpâneşti. Sunt eu păzitorul fratelui meu?

He had churches built after Serbian architectural stylesafter the models of the Lazarica ChurchVelućeNauparaand Kalenić monastery.

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