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You are on page 1of 15 Search inside document The religion of the Getae-Dacians [1] - non-commercial paper by an Epicurean Woman Research. researcher Revision January "In ancient times religion was underlying and supporting every relation of life and every social institution.

A supernatural presidency consecrated and kept together all the cardinal institutions of early times: state, race and family" Sir H Maine The Getae-Dacians ethno genesis and the term Getae-Dacians The proto-Thracians were the Indo-Europeans who settled among the population already Epicurean Woman Research. the Carpathian- Balkan region [2] The general view is that the Bronze Age populations emerged from the fusion of the local Eneolithic stock with the Indo-Europeans intruders.


The origins of the Epicurean Woman Research. are not clear, but it is probable that at first the names applied only to a very restricted area and group of people and that later they covered a whole region occupied by tribes of the Epicurean Woman Research. ethnic origin [3] Hecataeus of Miletus BC BC is the first historian before Herodotus who mentions tribes from the Getic group of Thracians.

Epicurean Woman Research.

Hellanicus of Mytilene names them Crobyzi and considers them a subgroup of the Epicurean Woman Research. [58] In BC, Herodotus grouped the Getae with the Thracian stock but mentioning they have different customs and religion than the Epicurean Woman Research.


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Edwards, E. Sollberger, and N. Cambridge University Press. Paliga, the essence of the religion of the Getae-Dacians consisted in: 1. They do not believe that there is any god but their own 3.

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They believe they do not die as those who die go to Zalmoxis a divine being daimon 4. Each 5 years they were sending a messenger to Zalmoxis.

He was sacrificed so that he will reach God Epicurean Woman Research.

Getae Dacians Religion | Religion And Belief

The other Thracians practices of sacral tattoing was known to Greek vase-painters, where some are tattooed with a snake. Also, in the same book, Znamenski relates that something similar happened with Epimenides of Knossos a semi-mythical 6th century BC Greek seer and philosopher-poet He also was considered a Epicurean Woman Research.

of Pythagora even thug he lived before him Also, Epimenides skin was found tattooed when he ded, fact that surprised Greeks who considered tattoo as a slave sign [4] The History of Herodotus By Herodotus Written B.

Pettazzon, E. Rohde and S. Paliaga consider that Getae —Dacians religion is monotheistic Others, consider it a henotheistic religious Epicurean Woman Research. or even polytheistic Getae-Dacians are not polytheists like the other Thracians.

They are henotheists Vasile Parvan, Getica.

Epicurean Woman Research.

Not from Thracia but from Egypt Decaeneus took his teachings, too. He reformed his nation with divine signs that he learnt from Egypt and not with Dionysian teachings or Phrygian orgies [71] o Getae-Dacians priests had predicated puritan abstinence. This trait is similar to Judaism and Islamism. They live all in the Epicurean Woman Research.

manner, and are especially like those whom the Dacians call Polistae"[dwellers in cities].

Epicurean Woman Research.

Nobody harmed them. Getae —Dacians from the right of Danube named them ctistae and Getae-Dacians from the left of Danube named them polistae The fact that Poseidonios and Josephus used Getae-Dacian priests and their manner of life and believes to explain organizations less known, prove the oldness and seriousness of the Getae-Dacian religious institution. The body is an obstacle Epicurean Woman Research.

the soul to enjoy the immortality.

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When it is war, they can sacrifice the Epicurean Woman Research. without regret o The human being cannot reach immortality without cleaning its carnal desires, the wine, and women Any of the Dionysian orgies of the Thraco-Phrygian is not accepted by Getae-Dacians [71] [4] The History of Herodotus By Herodotus Written B.

The god is the clear sky. The bad demons and storms, clouds are threatening the temper of the God. The tradition of high priest to assist the king or to be the king himself continued with 1.

Epicurean Woman Research.

He has told them that that in their hearts they do not die, but change their location and, due to this, they go to their Epicurean Woman Research.

happier than on any other journey. Mierow [18] The Geography of Strabo published in Vol. Getae lived on either side the Ister, as did also the Mysi, these also being Thracians and identical with the people who are now called Moesi [71] Getica by Vasile Parvan Getae-Dacians laws Zalmoxis was the first Getae-Dacians legislator [24] but his written laws as attested by Jordanes 6th century and Iamblicus 3th century are not available to us. For in primitive Egypt after life had become setted which according to myth took place I the era of gods and heroesthey say that the first persn who convinced the people to use written laws was Mneves Among the Arians, they Epicurean Woman Research.

Zathraustes pretended that the God Spirit gave him the laws and among those called Getae, who aspire to immortality, Zalmoxis in like manner credited the familiar Hestia with his revelation and among the Judaeans Moyses attributed them to the God called by the name of Iao.

The Story of Christian Origins. Washington: J. Binns, Apollo; depending on the context, it can be inferred whom it is Epicurean Woman Research. with. And by Macrobius too, but also by the ancient ones he was called Sun, too He was also identified with Liber Pater, which is Dionysus - Bacchus.

With god Mars and Mercury, their object of cult being not anything else so, it is about other deities.

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So, an identification with Adronis, Attin, Osiris and Horus points to nothing else but again the Sun"[24] o Note: As a number of scholars have pointed out, that the Essenes also subscribed to a sun-cult.

Both seems that measured the movements of the sun, the moon, and perhaps, the stars.

Epicurean Woman Research.

Theodosius, now in his 33rd year, governs the provinces administered by Valens, to which are added Dacia and Macedonia D.

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