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Companies will have to prove equal pay in Iceland now, and it's pretty great Iceland: A great place for women. Image: Getty Images Ugh, Iceland.

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country in the world to make employers prove they offer equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality, the Nordic nation's government said Wednesday A. A International Women's Day.

SEE ALSO: 7 influential feminists NEVERS DATING SITE. the most powerful thing about being a woman The government said it will introduce legislation to parliament this month, requiring all NEVERS DATING SITE. with more than 25 staff members NEVERS DATING SITE. obtain certification to prove they give equal pay for work of equal value.

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While other countries, and the NEVERS DATING SITE. The island nation, which has a population of aboutwants to eradicate the gender pay gap by Social Affairs and Equality Minister Thorsteinn Viglundsson said "the time is right to do something radical about this issue.

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It is our responsibility to take every measure to achieve that. InIceland ground to a halt when a majority of its women went on strike.

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Known as the Women's Day Off, schools, factories and nurseries closed as women refused to work, both in their offices or in their homes. In October thousands of Icelandic women left work at p.

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Women's rights groups calculate that after that time each day, women are working for free. The new legislation is expected to be approved by Iceland's parliament, having support from both the center-right government and opposition lawmakers.

The government hopes to implement it by Iceland has introduced other measures to boost women's equality, including quotas for female participation on government committees and corporate boards.

Viglundsson said some people had argued the equal-pay law imposes unneeded bureaucracy on firms, and is not necessary because the pay gap is closing.

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