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Date s - 07 Nov - 09 Nov Toute la journée Eurac Research Centre, Italy For the first time Eurac Research is promoting an international congress dedicated exclusively to the topic of agritourism.

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The aim of the initiative is to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future perspectives of this kind of rural tourism worldwide; to establish an agreed-upon definition of agritourism; to build a networking platform for scientists and practitioners; Rural World Dating Site finally, to promote agritourism unambiguously Rural World Dating Site a specific type of rural tourism.

Agritourism offers farmers the possibility of diversifying and generating additional income through on-farm touristic activities in order to help supplementing their low agricultural income.

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This helps to maintain the viability of active farms and rural communities. The more general understanding of agritourism states that agritourism activities support and promote agricultural resources, traditions and culture.

Following this line of thought, agritourism results to be a successful example of sustainable tourism that has gained importance over the years.

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